Top 5 Free Online Courses to learn Linux and Ubuntu in 2023 Best of Lot

Mar 17, 2022

And if you’re not already a member of LinkedIn Premium, there are plenty of other places to find Linux courses to suit your needs and budget, including Pluralsight, eDX+, and Skillshare, so be sure to check those out. Earning a Linux certification such as the CompTIA Linux+ certification can make your resume stand out to employers and provide proof of your expertise. If you’re not quite up to intermediate level, but you’re looking for a course to bridge the gap, this one on Bash shells and scripts is a worthy option. Bash scripting reduces time by automating rote tasks, making it a valuable skill to learn.

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Following this information on installs and packages we will explore Postscript, and it’s relationship to printers. Another strength of Linux is that it encourages you to share you ideas, and your source code. The process of looking over another’s work is one of the foundation principles in Science. Before their work is accepted as fact, others look over their work and review the findings. Only after other researchers have reproduced the results and understood the findings is the principle accepted. You will hands-on gain experience on the installation of LAMP stack on Centos7.

Linux Features

Nothing gets better than learning Linux today, earn highly from your newfound knowledge and skills and watch your dreams unfold with a professional and lucrative IT career. Many companies today prefer running their computer systems using Linux operating system because of its illustrious security implementation tactics and methodologies. Therefore, this course will help you dive into understanding why Linux is the linux lessons number one operating system powering several web servers on the Internet today. With 5+ years of experience across various tech stacks such as C, C++, PHP, Python, SQL, Angular, and AWS, Vijay has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a specialty in technical writing. Also, he persists in gaining knowledge of content marketing and SEO tools. He has worked with various analytics tools for over eight years.

  • That’s why starting with engaging video lessons led by Linux pros to teach you core concepts is just that — a start.
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  • Writing Html A beginners tutorial on how to write html for Teachers.
  • – If you are keen to learn Linux but looking for free online courses to start your training, you can also check out these free Linux courses from Udemy and the internet.
  • On taking up this course, learners get access to the commands required for WordPress and software installation.

Finally we will use part of the meeting to install Linux on machines people bring to the meeting. In the Unix world there have been a number of systems for creating documentation. This talk will explore a few of them to give you an idea how you can convert words on a page into a presentation document. The Graphical User Interface has become the default interface for personal computers.

Bash Shell and Scripts

The course also covers common command-line tools and apps, and it ends with an examination of how to install and update software with a package manager. The following lessons are aimed at teaching shell programming to a group of software testers.

What software version is used on this introductory Linux course?

This course uses a Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution, however, the concepts covered are applicable to all Linux distributions.